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Now a thriving regional centre and the National Capital for a brief period centuries ago. Kurunegala also lies within the best coconut growing area or the so called Coconut Triangle.

It is famous for the range of mountains (rocks)  Ethugala or the Elephant Rock, Ibbagala or Tortoise rock jumbled with ruins of carved stairs and doorjambs , Andagala or Eel rock , Kuruminigala or Beatle rock , Wanduragala or Monkey rock and Elluwagala or Goat rock.It was only for half a century that Kurunegala remained the royal capital , starting with the reign of Buvanekabahu II (1293-1302) followed by Parakramabahu IV (1302-1326). Today, it is an important cross-roads town, astride the route from Kandy to Puttalam and Colombo to Anuradapura. Overlooked by huge rocky outcrops, it enjoys a pleasant location .Some of these rocks have been given names of the animals they resemble:- elephant rock, tortoise rock etc. Situated at the foot of the 325km black rock Etagala there are excellent views across the lake from the top. It is also within easy reach of a few sites which are not frequented by tourists. Except a few stone steps and a part of the doorway there is little left of the Tooth relic temple here.



Present Bishop

 Rt. Rev. Dr. Harold Anthony Perera

Diocesan Director

 Rev. Fr. George Linton Perera


 4763 sq. km

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Name of 1st Bishop

 Rt. Rev. Dr. Raymond Peiris

Name of 2nd Bishop

 Rt. Rev. Dr. Harold Anthony Perera

Name of 3rd Bishop


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