Badulla, Sri Lanka is the picturesque capital town of the Uva Province. Feast your eyes on the profusion of palms and other tropical trees that cover the mountains that encircle Badulla that is located at an elevation of 600 metres above the sea level.

There are tourist destinations such as the glittering Dunhinda Falls that are lovely cascades shrouded in romantic mist. You must try and visit these waterfalls that create the most fantastic and breathtaking cascades.

Trek to the Namunukula Mountains that offer some of the most enthralling views of the exotic

beauty spots located in and around Badulla, Sri Lanka.

Go on tours to the Dowa Cave Temple with its enigmatic divine charm and marvel at the old wooden bridge and the attractive doorway during your Badulla tours with Sri Lanka. Located at the bottom of a hill on the banks of a charming hill stream, the cave is a major Badulla

tourist destination as it houses a 4-meters high, intricately carved rock sculpture of Lord Buddha. Admire the ancient and lovely paintings that adorn the walls of the Dowa CaveTemple.

There is a lot more to see in Badulla,



Present Bishop

 Rt. Rev. Dr. Julian Winston Sebastian Fernando

Diocesan Director

 Rev. Fr. Lakshman Ranasinghe


 8,399 sq. km

No. of Catholics


No. of Parishes


No. of Churches


No. of Diocesan Priests


No. of Religious Priests


No. of Rev. Sisters


No. of Convents


No.of Junior Seminarians


No. of Shrines


No. of Elder's Homes


No. of Children's Homes


Name of 1st Bishop

 Most Rev. Dr. Don Nanayakkara

Name of 2nd Bishop

 Most Rev. Dr. Edmund J. Fernando

Name of 3rd Bishop

 Most Rev. Dr. Norbert Andradi O.M.I.

Name of 4th Bishop

 Most Rev. Dr. J. Winston S.Fernando  S.S.S

Name of 5th Bishop


Name of 6th Bishop