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Anuradhapura is an ancient city that was the main seat of the Sinhalese kingdom for almost 1500 years.

It is also famous as one of the most important centers of Buddhism and was the royal capital for 119 Sinhalese kings.

There we can see Buddhist shrines located in the area, feel completely enthralled at the sight of the holy Bo-tree, which was grown from a branch of the Bodhitree under which the Lord Buddha achieved enlightenment. Also visit Thuparama dagoba that is one of the important tourist destinations as it contains the collar bone of Lord Buddha, which is one of the most holy Buddhist relics.

Mihintale that is located at a distance of 7 miles from the main city of Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka. A grand stairway with 1840 steps leads to the summit at Mihintale from where you get a breath stopping and incomparably scenic view of theentire countryside. Also the Kuttam Pokuna, Buddha Samadhi and the Brazen Place.

Located at a distance of 128 miles from the Colombo city, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka is oneof the most serene tourist destinations covered in a blanket of Buddhism.



Present Bishop

 Rt. Rev. Dr.Bishop Andradi

Diocesan Director




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Name of 1st Bishop

 Most Rev. Dr. Joy Gunawardana

Name of 2nd Bishop

 Most Rev. Dr. Oswald Gomis

Name of 3rd Bishop

 Most Rev. Dr. Norbert Andradi O.M.I.

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