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Missionary Union


...unites clergy, religious, seminarians and catechists in helping the missionary activity of the Church by the sanctity of their lives and prayer. It promotes mission awareness among those involved in the pastoral ministry of the Church. 



Lord I exist because of you.

I thank you for the precious gift of life.

Today I want to live better than yesterday.



Lord, you know my every need

and hear my every prayer

Keep me in the palm of your hand.



Lord, be always with me, while I sit or while I stand, while I walk or while I wait, while I work or while I rest, while I smile or while I cry.



General: That the effort to bring about the full communion of Christians may foster reconciliation and peace among all the peoples of the earth.


Missionary: That Christians may know how to welcome migrants with respect and charity, recognizing in each person the image of God.



General: That the international Community may be ever more aware of the urgent duty to bring an end to the trafficking of human beings.

Missionary : That in the missions the lay faithful may recognize the need to serve their own country with greater commitment also in political and social life.



General : That young people who are searching for the sense of life may be understood respected and accompanied with patience and love.

Missionary : That, throughout the church, there may grow that shared missionary awareness, which favors the collaboration and exchange of those who work in the mission.



General : That the individual, social and political rights of women may be respected in every nation.

Missionary : That the church in China may carry out its evangelizing mission serenely and in full freedom.



General : That the abundance of the gifts the Holy Spirit bestowed on the church may contribute to the growth of peace and justice in the world.

Missionary : That in the mission countries those responsible for the public institution may, with suitable laws, promote and defend human life from its conception to its natural termination.



General : That Christian families may lovingly welcome every child who comes into existence and surround the sick and the aged, who need care and assistance, with affection.

Missionary : That pastors and the Christian faithful may consider inter-religious dialogue and the work of acculturation of the Gospel as a daily service to promote the cause of the evangelization of peoples.



General : That all those who are in prison and especially young people, may receive the necessary support from society to help them to rediscover a sense to their own existence.

Missionary : That in the mission territories, different ethnic and religious groups may live in peace and together build society inspired by human and spiritual values.



General : That orphans may not sack the care necessary for their human and Christian formation.

Missionary : That the Christian faithful may be aware of their own missionary vocation in every environment and circumstance.



General : That those who use the means of social communication may always do so conscientiously and responsibly.

Missionary : That in the mission territories the entire people of God may recognize that permanent formation is their own priority.



General : That all those who are baptized may mature in their faith and manifest it through clear, coherent and courageous choices in life.

Missionary : That the celebration of world missionary Day may everywhere increase the spirit of missionary animation and cooperation.



General : That, every where in the world, an end be put to all forms of terrorism.

Missionary : That through the effort of believers, together with living forces of society, the new and old chains, which prevent the development of the African continent may be broken.



General : That Christ, meek and humble of heart, may inspire those responsible for nations to use power wisely and responsible.

Missionary : That in every part of the world missionaries may live out their vocation with joy and enthusiasm , faithful following in Christs footstep.


The Pontifical Missionary Union of The Clergy, Religious and Seminarians

Founded in Italy in 1916 by Father Paola Manna

To promote missionary consciousness among seminarians, priests and religious.

To animate all animators of the people of God for the Mission (Rm 84) by spreading and promoting the other PMS.


To foster Christian unity so that they may be so perfected in unity that the world will recognize that it was you who sent me� (Jn 17:23)


To put all he Church in a state of mission.

A Meditation For a Missionary

Lord, our faith in you sustains us.

You comfort us in sorrow, you hold us when we are afraid.

You put your hand upon our pain. Today, we here again your call to us to be your missionaries to the entire world, inviting the poor�. and the children � and the burdened to believe in you, to accept the new life that you offer, to rest in your love.


Bless us as we give of ourselves today and everyday.

Bless us with the generosity, so that we may think of others who need to hear your Good News.

Bless us with the gift of such deep faith that it is no longer ourselves who live, but Christ in us.

Use us to extend your love to those near us and around the world.

Make us your missionaries, here, today, right where we are. 



We bless You; O God and we praise your name.

In your merciful providence You sent your son into the world to free us from the bondage of sin and to enrich us with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Before He returned, triumphant over death, to You, Father, He sent His Apostles, the bearers of His Love and power, to proclaim the Gospel of life to all peoples and to cleanse those who believe in the waters of baptism.

Lord, look kindly on those who respond to Your call especially to the priesthood, Religious life and to become dedicated lay leaders.

Fill their hearts with the grace of perseverance and courage that they may reach their goal and continue the work of the Apostles in our world today.

We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.



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The Pontifical Mission Societies is an invitation to the baptized Christian throughout the world to share in the command of Jesus Christ when He said, "Go out to the whole world and make disciples". The most convincing way in which this command was carried out by the first Christians was when they lived their Christianity sharing and caring for each other in Love

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