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Propagation of the Faith


.....promotes a worldwide missionary awareness among the clergy and laity; encourages aid, spiritual and material, for mission territories, in accordance with the needs of each

The Source 

'When one drinks at a stream one must always remember the source from which it flows.' This Chinese proverb encourages one to look backward to discover sources and roots which can give new meaning to the present. MORE>>

Society of the Propagation of Faith (SPOF) assists each and every one of the Catholic Church's 1100 mission dioceses and territories to provide pastoral care and preach the Gospel effectively. It was founded in Lyons, France, in 1822 by a young French women, Pauline Jaricot. She began by persuading local working people to support the missions by giving a farthing a week. A century later, established in almost every country of the world, Pope Plus XI made the organisation the official mission-funding society for the whole Catholic Church. The APF works in England and Wales with the Mill Hill Missionary Society. Founded in 1866 by Cardinal Vaughan, Archbishop of Westminster, it is the only major missionary society to have been formed in England. Mill Hill was one of the first societies to introduce lay missionaries, and its priests, lay brothers and associates work in 27 countries and every continent. In England and Wales funds for the Missions are collected through the famous red collection boxes. These con be found in 170,000 homes and they have helped raise millions of pounds for the missions.

The Association publishes a quarterly magazine: MISSION TODAY



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The Pontifical Mission Societies is an invitation to the baptized Christian throughout the world to share in the command of Jesus Christ when He said, "Go out to the whole world and make disciples". The most convincing way in which this command was carried out by the first Christians was when they lived their Christianity sharing and caring for each other in Love

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