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The Pontifical Society for The Propagation of Faith

Founded in Lyons, France in 1822 by Miss Marie Pauline Jaricot, to awaken and promote Missionary awareness in all sectors of the People of God, among local Churches, in view of the evangelization of the world, and to exchange spiritual, personal and material resources.

Prayer for the beatification of Pauline Jaricot

Hasten, Lord, the day when the Church can celebrate the saintliness of your servant Pauline Jaricot, inspired by you to found the Propagation of the Faith and the Living Rosary, and promote the welfare of the poor. May Christians everywhere strive to follow her selfless example, dedicating themselves to spreading the Good News of the Gospel, so that all peoples may come to know the boundless love revealed to the world through your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, who lives with you and the Holy Spirit for ever and ever.Amen.



Founder of Missionary Children 

The Society of Missionary Children was founded by the Bishop of Nancy, France, Charles de Forbin-Jansen in 1843. He made the society rules very simple and very holy. He asked that the children do two things, that they say a short prayer and that they make a small material sacrifice. French Bishop Charles de Forbin-Jansen founded the Society of Missionary Children in 1843. Deeply affected by the distress of Chinese children abandoned in the streets, he was moved to found a society similar to the Propagation of the Faith - but for children. He was convinced that though weak and needing care, children rich in faith and love are capable of playing their own part in the Church's mission and even of stirring adults to show the same generosity. 

The response to Bishop Forbin-Jansen's appeal was extra-ordinary. In a few years, the unique concept of 'Children Helping Children' spread not only through native France but all over Europe, then to North America, Latin America and Asia, and in the last forty years to Africa.

The Society of Missionary Children was first established in Ireland in 1853.

The Society of Missionary Children was raised to the status of 'Pontifical' in 1922 by Pope Pius XI

Bishop Forbin-Jansen's mission of 'Children Helping Children' continues to guide the Society today.


The Pontifical Society of St. Peter The Apostle For Indigenous Vocations

Founded in Cean, France in 1889 by Miss Jeanne Bigard, to awaken the need for the training and formation of priests and religious while contributing in great measure to the growth of local clergy, broadening formation of both men and women to religious life.





The Pontifical Missionary Union Of the Clergy & Religious

Founded in Italy in 1916 by Father Paolo Manna to stimulate growth in mission awareness among priests and religious, helping them to become aware of their responsibility in regard to the universal mission, and their duty to foster the missionary spirit in the hearts of the community confided to them. Tens of thousands of priests and religious throughout the world are members of this Union.


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About PMS

The Pontifical Mission Societies is an invitation to the baptized Christian throughout the world to share in the command of Jesus Christ when He said, "Go out to the whole world and make disciples". The most convincing way in which this command was carried out by the first Christians was when they lived their Christianity sharing and caring for each other in Love

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